of 110 m² to 180 m²


Our studios are located at the bottom of a cobbled alleyway, shaded by a vine canopy in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Origianlly a factory and artist’s workshop, our 5 studios have preserved the spirit of their origins. For 26 years, “Le Petit Oiseau Va Sortir” offers a wide range of services to its customers: from photo and video production shoots, castings, rental for events and temporary showrooms. A large choice of features are available to select your studio: Large white cyclo, waxed black/ gray concrete floor, Large natural light skylight and windows, solid parquet flooring, ‘patiné’ walls, each studio has it’s own unique characteristics.


studio 1 – 180 m²

3 sided cyclo of 100 m2 / occultables veluxes


studio 2 – 110 m2

white wall & floor / plenty of height, beams at 6 m


studio 3 – 110 m²

daylight from large bay window and overhead skylights


studio 4 – 110 m²

workshop in style of a chic and contemporary artist


studio 5 – 120 m²

Ideal for still life, fashion and beauty.