Digital Capture

Le Petit Oiseau created its Digital Capture service in 2003.

Accompanying your productions in studio and outside, we have a team of bilingual digital technicians, photo assistants, retouchers, with several years of digital experience.

Your productions will be supervised by our digital manager and your images automatically uploaded and protected on our server for your comfort and peace of mind.

Equipment rental

Since 2002, Le Petit Oiseau has invested in its own digital equipment which is available for rental.

With the same regard for high standards and professionalism as with our lighting equipment, we offer the latest and highest performing digital backs: PHASE ONE, HASSELBLAD, CANON, NIKON.
The same is true for our digital stations that allow speed and comfort for visualisation of your images both in the studio and outside.

Finally, our on-the-spot stock of equipment and materials guarantees the safety and efficiency of your production.